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wunderkammer raft and structure housing skulls, taxidermied animals and letters stranded on lakeshore
Various artifacts, skulls, taxidermied animals, antlers, hair, letters, drawings, log raft, cabin, 2009
'Wunderkammer' developed as a kind of curiosity cabinet to house artefacts selected from Airfield Trust's archive and grounds. Within the space of a 'social sculpture' a place was created that lies somewhere between the past and an imaginary, yet realisable future. Continuing the artists interest in non-specific disasters wrought upon civilization, a raft was constructed, its design plucked from our collective imagination. Apparently abandoned on the shoreline of a man-made lake by an unknown inhabitant, the craft mixes fact and fiction becoming part sci-fi tale, part time capsule.
The Wunderkammer, or Cabinet of Curiosities, came to prominence in the sixteenth century partly as a means of display for objects gathered by wealthy individuals on their travels abroad. The presentation and contents of the cabinets would often reveal as much about the collector as they did about the places visited. Crucially, the cabinets and their contents became talking points, more the focus of the social connections between people than the associations between things.
  artist viewing archival itemsinterior view of curiosity cabinet with taxidermied animalsinterior of installation with animal skulls and landscape painting