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  Paradise Lost
Blue budgerigars, cage, speakers, amplifier, 2000 - 2003
A long-term, folly of a project in which a small flock of blue budgerigars was to be taught a key piece of prose from Milton’s Paradise Lost. In the selected prose Adam questions God on why he was made.
Blue budgerigars do not exist in the wild they have been created by selective breeding to achieve their aesthetic colouring. ‘Blue’ has a particular place within the history of Modern Art and whilst this project questions certain mythologies surrounding that history it also alludes to contemporary issues of debate about genetic manipulation and concepts of the 'natural'. The first bird has been trained and further birds will be supplied by Geoff Capes erstwhile World’s Strongest Man, now specialist budgerigar breeder.
  [IMAGE: detail of Paradise Lost in East of Eden: art, nature, society, Spacex Gallery, Exeter]